A new kind of developer experience

Our API integration toolkit; the ability to make on-the-fly edits, view multiple examples, run editable code and even return a real response from our sandbox.

Omnichannel Payments

Provide convenient solutions for both in-person and online payment methods with our deeply integrated custom payment flows.

Generate Reports

Integrate your systems with our easy-to-use APIs to query status of transactions, funding, chargebacks, or detailed API summary options.

Tools for every stack

Fintech infrastructure for India

You work fast. You build more.

Our payment API integrate seamlessly with existing billing systems.

Cloud-based payment infrastructure

Firmware over the air upgrades done quickly on our platform.

Compliant and Certified

PCI DSS V3.2.1, PA DSS V3.2, VISA PIN certification - PCI PIN V2.0 with KIF & RKI, RBI-PPI SAR and ITGC.

Enquiry for Integration

A comprehensive product line for countless use-cases across domains.

Merchant Integration

Software Development Kit

Android SDK, iOS SDK, Web SDK (.Net, php, jsp and node.Js)

Application Package Interface

REST, WSDL, DLL Kit are available for customized development


Integration documentation and technical help

TSP System

Software Development Kit

Android SDK, iOS SDK, Web SDK (.Net, php, jsp and node.Js)

Application Package Interface

REST, WSDL, DLL Kit are available for customized development


Integration documentation and technical help

Utility & Help

Sample Code and Snippets

Sample code is given for integrating API & SDK for rapid development.

Cryptography Dll

RSA-256, AES, Base-64 & Several other security implementation provided

Required Tools

Thermal Printer, cash acceptor,coin hooper, BNR and Passport Reader, camera & various IOT integration available.

Developer Helpdesk

Integration Desk

Dedicated integration team available for any kind of support

Pilot Training Desk

Product Demo, Pilot Training, SOPs and other operational training available

Onboarding Desk

Dedicated team for handling TSP,IOT device & APIs

Technical Support

Dedicated Team Available for technical support info@xpay.life or +918884356000

Transaction Support

customer can connect to us via whatsapp, calls, email, InApp Support and Ticket helpdesk.

Designed for and by developers

Refined by banks and designers. Our systems work in the real and messy world of finance and IT.

Modular API design

All our products are API-first, pick and choose just the parts you need.

Single point-of-contact

We navigate across teams within large banks and FIs, so you don’t have to.

Secure, and compliant at scale

We handle all your IT security audit and compliance needs, so you can focus on building.

Exhaustive documentation & support

Clear, cohesive docs across all products, and world-class developer support.

Technology driven, customer first approach to connectivity and solution


Unified Payments Interface

Experience Seamless, Secure and trusted UPI transactions with the highest ever success rates in the country! Transfer to friends or stores with a click!

Intent Payment

Payment Intents API to build an integration that can handle complex payment flows. It tracks a payment from creation through checkout, and triggers additional authentication steps when required.

Payment Gateway

With Domestic and International Credit & Debit cards, EMIs ( Credit/Debit Cards & Cardless), PayLater, Netbanking from 100 banks, UPI and 8 mobile wallets, xpay.life provides the most extensive set of payment gateways.

Aadhaar Enabled Payment System

With the xpay.life merchant app, you can help your customers perform basic bank transactions like withdrawal and deposit. These transactions can be easily done with the help of a safe and secure biometric scanner available at your doorstep.

Micro ATM

Micro ATM is a step forward to help your customers to get easy access to cash flow and perform digital other banking functions, all in the premises of your shop. The simple functionality provides ordinary citizens with easy access and secure cash withdrawal options while you make a commission on each transaction.

Cash Tracking System

In the absence of cash and any debit or credit cards, your customers can still pay you using a Payment link. A payment link is basically a way of requesting payment from your customers when they want to perform transactions outside the realm of the traditional online payment system.


Business Onboarding

B2B and B2G customer can be onboarded on TSP, Merchant can can also be onboarded on (android and iOS platform).

Customer Onboarding

Customer can register on Mobile apps, Wesbite and Kiosk. XPay Life supports OTP based customer verification and e-kyc verification.

Distributor & Affiliate Onboarding

XPay Life distributor and Affiliate partner can onboard using our business portal and mobile apps.